We produce games that we have fun while working

We mostly make hyper casual games. However, we believe entertainment cannot be limited to genres. We continue to think and produce for the best games.


about us

we love mobile games. and this is exciting.

We are an Istanbul based game studio and have a strong digital agency background.

We produced games for agencies and brands, but now is the time to produce games for millions. We are constantly thinking about new ideas with our developers and artists and continue to work and learn.

Shuffle Shaker
Shuffle Shaker
Color Hop 3D
Color Hop 3D
Archer Run!
Archer Run!
Dominos Color
Dominos Color

contact us

feel free to say hi!

Ideas, suggestions, collaborations... Whatever the subject, we would like to meet you.

we are hiring

we can deal with you

We always want to meet talented and passionate people. Just send a cv to attack@core-attacks.com.

Game Developer

Experienced Unity monsters or curious beginners. If you are passionate and positive, we would like to meet you.

Game Artist

2D and 3D artists who will bring value to the team with creativity, we would like to know you.